Beauty is the First Test

Beauty is the First Test, is currently showing at the Pump House Gallery in Battersea Park. This group exhibition curated by Liz Cooper, explores how mathematical concepts underpin craft techniques and artistic development “in an attempt to demystify a subject that intimidates both adults and children, by showing unique and stimulating works of art. ‘Beauty is the First Test’ draws together existing and new artworks to invite in-depth consideration of contemporary craft practice in this wider context. Beauty and playfulness is evident in the exhibits to illustrate what delights craftspeople and maths geeks alike.” Along side the main exhibition, I will be running a workshop to make Crochet Hexagons – Tessellation tastic!

Put geometry, tessellation and modular patterning into practice. Learn how to crochet stitches in repeat to make a six sided shape. Once you have mastered a crochet hexagon, these can be repeated and made in multiples to form a larger fabric, a mathematical blanket! Practice joining some of the shapes together on a collective piece, and take home your newly crafted polygons!

Thursday 11th October, 7pm -9pm. £30. 

Please contact the Pump House Gallery to book your place.

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