Oooooh Art

“An exhibition of contemporary art to capture the energy, excitement and sentiment of the Olympic Games coming to London. 11 artists have created a unique art collection for the London Borough of Haringey, using a variety of media. Each artist has created a piece of their own work and another in collaboration with local school children.”

As a direct, literal interpretation, I created 4 of the 5 rings to reflect the Olympic values. Through the process of knitting, once initial stitches are established, it is not complicated to produce, but like a marathon: determination and perseverance are needed to keep going to reach the end, improving on a personal best. I have stripped the same 5 colours together within each ring to show integration, different patterns to show diversity, and yet also equality as all the rings are the same. At Earlham Primary School in Wood Green, I worked with two classes of thirty pupils to create the situation of a Knitting Circle, a gathering of knitters, and with these groups, to foster the growth of friendships and a greater collective skill set. Like a relay race, my passing on my knitting skills to these classes of children, they are taking on the Olympic values as they develop their own hand crafts, each making a stitch, a line, or even a whole square of knitting, at their own personal best to contribute to make as a collaborative effort, the last of the 5 knitted rings.

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